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By: Christopher Ransom

James Hastings' wife is dead - her life snuffed out in a horrific accident that leaves her husband shattered. Dizzy with grief and guilt, James withdraws into his sprawling mansion, losing himself in liquor . .

. and memories of Stacey.Until the day two women enter his life. One is Annette, a gorgeous stranger with a dark past.

The other is not a stranger, and her past is all too familiar.First her voice echoes through the phone lines, and from behind the ballroom doors . . .Then her shoes reappear, streaked with mud and grime, as though unearthed from the grave .

. . And soon Annette begins saying things only Stacey could know, enveloping James in a spiral of terror and violence that threatens to destroy his home, his sanity, and his soul.

For death is only the beginning of his nightmare. And the haunting of James Hastings might just be the end of him.