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By: Elizabeth Adler

This is a wonderful new holiday romance from the author of "An Invitation to Provence". Once Lamour Harrington was a carefree little girl, following her charming, hard-up, writer father to Italy: first Rome, then the lovely Amalfi coast. Lamour will never forget the tiny cottage where they spent the happiest years of her life.

Now, nursing a broken heart, she decides to leave Chicago and her career as a landscape architect to rediscover the Italy of her memories. In Amalfi, the Castello Pirata with its Japanese garden still stands; their cottage still waits for her. It even seems as though love has come back into Lamour's life as the heir to the castello - glamorous Nico Pirata - sweeps her off her feet.

But why does his father Lorenzo hate a woman he only ever knew as an innocent child? As Lorenzo plots to make Lamour leave Amalfi forever, long-hidden secrets come to dangerous life again.