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By: Maureen O'Brien

George was a success. From a dull suburban upbringing he became a partner with a firm of accountants in the City. He married young, a relationship doomed from the outset and he was soon a singleton again, content with his bachelor flat in town.

But the 21st Century has intruded on his professional life, merging his firm with a brasher variety and George finds the solid parameters of his life crumbling. Retreating to his childhood home where his mother cares for his retarded brother with efficiency but no compassion, George allows the sight of a young girl in his street and working at the local supermarket to obsess him. An obsession which makes his ungainly demeanour even stranger.

John Bright, recovering from the death of his lover and with time on his hand, observes the odd behaviour of his old schoolfriend with alarm, especially when the body of a young blonde is discovered with horrific head wounds in a park where George has been seen.