Little Bets : How breakthrough ideas emerge from small discoveries

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by Peter Sims

How did Pixar go from producing CAT scan images to winning Oscars?How did Steve Jobs turn Apple into a world-beating company?How does Amazon's culture encourage innovation?How can you find the creative solutions demanded by our ever-changing world?The answer, according to renowned business thought-leader Peter Sims, is LITTLE BETS. In these fast-moving times, it's next to impossible to predict what's around the corner, and harder still to formulate a foolproof plan to deal with it. Truly innovative companies, Sims argues, don't get caught up in projections and predictions.

Instead, they embrace uncertainty, take a chance, fail quickly and learn fast. This method has formulated thousands of modern advances, from Google's PageRank to Starbucks coffee shops - if you harness its power, what could you achieve?