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By: KAA Design Group

o Homes designed by KAA Design Group celebrate the Californian dream o Features outstanding new homes and renovations o Breathtaking photography enhances the story of each home and how the architect worked with the client to create a personal sanctuary Southern California has historically attracted adventurous, open-minded people who thrive in the geographically and culturally diverse environment; it is a place where risk-takers seeking a new beginning or a fresh approach to life are richly rewarded. The region promises much more than just the seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor living. It is the unique combination of casual sophistication, spectacular sights, and a gentle climate that yields a way of life that is justifiably coveted by people around the world.

Lifestyles of Southern California: Personal Sanctuaries by KAA Design Group celebrates the individual stories behind the designer-client relationship: follow a family on their life-changing voyage halfway across the world; explore the home of an entrepreneur who, at least metaphorically, keeps watch over the Santa Monica Bay; or see how the renovation of a residence with a rich history awakened the amateur archaeologist in its owner. Illustrated with breathtaking photography, the stories reveal how the lives of these individuals and families are elevated by homes that reflect and shape their lifestyles.