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By: James B. Atkins, Grant A. Simpson

Discover the benefits of effective risk management practices Risk management may not be a standard course in architecture school, but it is an essential concern for architects and related professionals working today. Managing Project Risk is a key resource for integrating good risk management into professional practice. Based on a popular series of articles in AIArchitect, this accessible volume offers an on-the-ground perspective of what can happen on the job and what architects can do to prevent or mitigate threatening conditions and events.

With an engaging, non-legalistic style, authors Atkins and Simpson draw upon their considerable experience and upon AIA Contract Documents to show how sound risk management strategies work in a variety of real-world settings, covering such practical areas as: Risk management fundamentals Contracts Relationships with clients Understanding the architect's role in the project Risk issues with digital drawings The modern architectural workplace Rendering potentially dry topics lively with wit and anecdote, Managing Project Risk resonates with the experience of contemporary architects, while offering helpful suggestions applicable not only to risk management but also to project management and professional development.