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By: Kathy Beswick

Expert advice to help you with every crisis, from potty training to temper tantrums lots of emotional support to help you feel confident and in control help to enable your toddler to grow into a happy, contented and independent child teach yourself Managing Your Toddler's Behaviour will give you all the advice, support and reassurance you need to help you not only cope with but enjoy your child's toddler needs. It will explain exactly why your toddler is now behaving the way they are, with plenty of reassuring help for anyone who is worrying that their child is not 'normal'. You will get advice and insight into all those new and unfamiliar areas - sleep, potty training, diet and other 'flashpoints' - with supportive help for dealing with the much bigger issues of coping with change, becoming independent and - of course - the inevitable temper tantrums.

With the help of managing your Toddler's Behaviour you'll learn that yes, you do have the skills you need - and yes, you can actually enjoy this amazing time as you watch your baby grow into a real person.