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By: Jane MacDougall

Designed to stand upright on a bedside table or desktop, or to fold down for easy portability, Pregnancy Week-by-Week enables you to see at a glance the changes taking place to you and your baby. This updated edition also provides all the essential information on antenatal care, common complaints and managing labour a mother-to-be might need. Pregnancy Week-by-Week is a handy and accessible guide to pregnancy for women wanting to conceive and those who are already pregnant.

This fully revised edition contains the most up-to-date information and includes a substantial number of newly commissioned photographs and illustrations. Every pregnancy is unique but in this book you will find a record of the changes you will most likely experience, plus a weekly account of your baby's development in utero, enabling expectant mothers to keep track of their progress and that of their baby. A weekly diary planner allows you to jot down your antenatal appointments, test dates and results, and record any important tasks and events necessary during pregnancy to ensure good health and prepare for your baby's arrival.

contents include: / weekly view of all aspects of foetal and maternal development / up-to-date information on antenatal care, routine examinations and medical tests / nutritional and exercise advice / coping with common problems / birth plans, options for labour and what to pack for the hospital / postpartum / how to breast feed