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By: Steve Biddulph

Steve Biddulph, the favourite number one name in parenting psychology - and bestselling author of Raising Boys - examines how different childcare options are likely to affect you and your child in this rivetting and highly topical book This topical book tackles a key issue all new parents face. Steve Biddulph looks at childcare choices and the dilemmas that so often arise:- `I want to stay at home with my child but don't know how I can'- `I don't know what is better: nursery, creche or childminder'- `if other people look after my child will it affect its development and happiness?' It examines the two-income `slaves to work' culture in the UK and how in the past ten years, the number of babies and toddlers under three who are spending all day (8am to 6pm) in nurseries has quadrupled. Biddulph urges caution and warns that the hurried and disconnected way that families now live their lives could be damaging to a whole new generation's mental stability and development.

The book is an eye-opener in terms of child development and provides useful case studies from parents who are stay-at-home and those using all-day or part-time childcare - groups sociologists have named `slammers' and `sliders' respectively.