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By: Daniel Benjamin, Steven Simon

The West is losing the 'war on terror'. Not only have we been slow in attending to the globalisation of the Jihad movement - from Indonesia to the Caucasus and from Pakistan to Western Europe - we have also been stoking the fire. The allied invasion of Iraq has turned that long-suffering country into a melting pot for terrorism - terrorism that, with the help of the Internet and the proliferation of small self-starter cells, is spreading with frightening speed across the globe.

This provocative and engaging book is the first to examine the London bombings, to point to where the danger is growing and to show how America's tendency to frame the conflict in religious terms, as a fight between good and evil, is leading us towards disaster. But THE NEXT ATTACK also offers a new strategy for mutual survival between the East and West in the twenty-first century.THE NEXT ATTACK is essential reading for our age.