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By: Nigel Pennick

The Celtic tradition is one of the most ancient in Europe, with roots going back nearly 3000 years. Today there is much to be learned from the Celtic world view, with its emphasis on the recognition of the unseen world and the vital part it plays in our relationship with the physical landscape. This work shows the holy sites of Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe through Celtic eyes, reinvesting each place in the landscape with its ancient spiritual, symbolic and mythological importance - giving insight into how we can renew our lapsed relationship with the sacred landscape today.

The book provides a historical tour of the Celtic holy places of Europe, focusing particularly on Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany. From the original Celtic site of the castle at Tintagel to the sacred forest of Broceliande in Brittany, it shows the mystery and lore of sacred trees and stones and reveals the power of springs and wells as places of healing. Sacred caves and holy islands, sanctified earthworks and cities and the holy places of the Celtic saints are visited.

The book should also be of interest to visitors and travellers with a gazetteer that includes Ordnance Survey references.