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By: Robert Wilson

The first in Robert Wilson's Seville series, featuring the tortured detective Javier Falcon. The man is bound, gagged and dead in front of his television.The terrible self-inflicted wounds tell of his violent struggle to avoid some unseen horror. On the screen? In his head? What could make a man do that to himself? It's Easter week in Seville, a time of passion and processions.

But detective Javier Falcon is not celebrating. Appalled by the victim's staring eyes he is inexorably drawn into this disturbing, mystifying case. And when the investigation into the dead man's life sends Javier trawling though his own past and into the shocking journals of his late father, a famous artist, his unreliable memory begins to churn.

Then there are more killings and Falcon finds himself pushed to the edge of a terrifying truth!