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By: David Wolstencroft

There are two ways out of the spy game.
Heads you run.
Tails you die.
It starts and ends with a coin flip. In between, Good News, Bad News turns the rules of the spy game upside down with a story of intrigue and suspense that is chock-full of delicious surprises right up until the final spin.

First, there’s the good news: George and Charlie are on their last posting for the Agency before retiring from the spy game. But in this business, the bad news is never far away. And in this case, the bad news could not be worse. In the blink of an eye, these two friends become lethal enemies—until it occurs to them that some orders just aren’t meant to be followed. The two are catapulted into a gauntlet of international espionage to uncover secrets that lie in the heart of the Agency—secrets that no one wants them to find. Using their spy tools against their old masters, George and Charlie live on their wits, fight for answers—and soon realize that the only people they can trust are each other. But in a world where no one is to be trusted, how much can you trust a fellow spy?

Offering surprises on every page, pitch-perfect dialogue, and two unforgettable heroes, Good News, Bad News heralds the coming of the next great spy writer in David Wolstencroft.