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By: Valerie Weill, Philippe Chancel 

This is a picture of Paris as the city is today - but it is also a record of a disappearing world that is fast being replaced by the uniformity of the high street and the ubiquity of the chainstore. This lovely book presents a unique collection of 100 wonderfully evocative photographs of Paris shops and shop windows accompanied by their own individual business cards. From the bizarre to the banal, each has a story to tell - the bookshop L'Introuvable specializes in crime and tries to recreate the atmosphere of a detective novel; the boutique Repetto captures childhood dreams of ballet; a shoe repairer displays rubber boots along its shelves; the shoe shop with the kitsch fake forest in the background almost invites you to go for a walk.

This is a book for lovers of Paris, lovers of shopping and lovers of 'found' style.