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By: Herbert Ypma

France has it all - a rich history, an incredibly varied geography, a gastronomic culture that is unsurpassed, and a tradition of good living that remains blissfully untainted by the stresses of modern life. Hip Hotels: France brings together the most authentically individual of France's hotels in the country's choicest destinations. Choose the futuristic vision of Jean Nouvel or the hearty hospitality of an Alpine farmhouse, a fisherman's but on the South Atlantic coast or the hip modernity of Le Corbusier's Unite d' Habitation in Marseilles, a Mecca for devotees of modernist architecture.

Some are established, some are virtually unknown, but every one of these hotels is a unique response to the geography, cuisine and design heritage of its location. So whether you are an adventurer, a gourmet, or a design aficionado - or all of the above - Hip Hotels: France will enable you to plan your itinerary through city, town, coast and countryside. This third volume in the phenomenally successful Hip Hotels series is once more guaranteed to set you dreaming.

It has all the slick of City and all the variety of Escape - all in one amazing country.