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By: Nigel Denby

GI is only half the picture - it's the load that counts. GL, or Glycaemic Loading, is the newest diet revolution - it is simpler than low GI and more effective, too. Start today and watch the pounds melt away - and stay away.

With this fantastic new plan you can love food and not feel guilty! Kick-start your new life to a slimmer and fitter you with The 7-Day GL Diet. Glycaemic Loading is the smart way to permanent weight loss as it allows you to balance your blood sugar levels by mixing and matching carbs. You will have many more food choices than you do on other diets (like low GI), and even better, there's no faddy calorie-counting, weighing or measuring.

Weight loss couldn't be simpler! The 7-Day GL Diet includes:* What GL is and why it is better than GI* More-choice food lists - check out which 'banned' foods are back on the menu* Three 7-day plans to suit your individual lifestyle - `Fast and Friendly' (if time and convenience are key), 'Veggie Friendly' (for time-pushed vegetarians) and 'Foodie Friendly' (for more leisurely gourmets).* Simple and delicious recipes, clear menu plans, quick-reference shopping lists