Art of Silver Jewellery: Minorities of China, Mongolia, Tibet

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by Ien Rappoldt, Hugo Krijger, John Beringen, Michiel Elsevier Stockmans

This book and exhibition presents over 250 silver necklaces, and earrings - objects of ceremonial beauty and originality created by tribal peoples of China. Four catalog essays by leading experts illuminate the context creation in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and also provide valuable background information for designers, historians, collectors and dealers. In addition to images of the jewelry itself, the volume includes a selection of collect ethnic textiles and other field photographs that puts the jewelry in full ethnological context. Details information an object includes dimensions, weight, material, function, and area of origin. This sumptuous volume is the most comprehensive study of the region’s jewelry available and is essential for anyone with an interest in the complete heritage of China.