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By:John Ayton, Deborah Alun-Jones

Since time immemorial charms have been worn as symbols of the eternal themes of love, luck and protection. Figures from the worlds of Hollywood, royalty and fashion have long been seduced by the appeal of charms. The Duchess of Windsor, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel were all devoted to them, and Marlene Dietrich never travelled without hers.

Today some of our most glamorous celebrities and style icons can be seen wearing them: Anna Sui wears hers on an anklet, Sarah Jessica Parker wears hers on a sweetie bracelet, Matthew Williamson weaves his into his fashion designs and Elizabeth Hurley is rarely seen without her diamond cross. Perennially popular, the charm has become a fashion sensation. This book, containing a host of memorable anecdotes and historical facts, together with 100 colour illustrations, is the perfect celebration of the exquisite charm of charms.