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by Conor Patterson

You can be your own life coach. This is a do-it-yourself handbook for anyone who is genuinely passionate about living a successful life. Using spiritual awareness as a starting point, it takes you on a journey through the emotions and mind, arriving at a life that is full of power, fulfillment and worldly achievement.

How much time do you spend trying to get what you want? How much of what you get isn't actually what you wanted? You get up, go to work, get married, have kids, make money, but still aren't satisfied. This book is a Reality Check, and asks the question; how can you enjoy the success you have built? And develop further? It takes you back to basics so that you can rediscover the infinite unity and passion within your own life. When you know that you have everything you need already within you, then material success is easy.

It becomes a game. This book guides you through the rules of that game and shows you ways of winning it. You will learn to manifest what you want and enjoy whatever you manifest.

Succinctly and powerfully expressed, this is a manual for 21st century living.