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A groundbreaking study of entrepreneurship. Robert Heller provides both the understanding and the incentive needed to turn ambition into achievement and desire into reality. The entrepreneur is the hero of capitalism, the object of envy and admiration, the mainspring for the private sector, the stuff of commercial legend, the source of new companies, new products, new industries.

Yet, unlike business management, entrepreneurship remains shrouded in mystery -- possibly because no one believes it can be taught. In Goldfinger Robert Heller dispels the myths surrounding entrepreneurpship and explores this unique area of business practice. At every stage -- from initial thought processes, through planning to implementation and beyond -- the entrepreneur can benefit from the examples of others, and from clear precepts and practices.

There are entrepreneurs who have never needed a lesson, who have acted from instinct rather than intellect, but track their ascents and their actions invariably follow a pattern, based on logic and observation, controlled by methods which can be easily absorbed. This book identifies the principles which govern the game of outgrowing others -- fast. How to think, how to plan, how to find ingenious ways round the obstacles, how to master the sharp end, retain quality, keep customers satisfied, manage people and diversify at the right time.

As an in-depth analysis of entrepreneurial skills, Goldfinger is a practical guide to this least tangible area of business, providing a thought-provoking insight into the minds and methodology of the business world's greatest successes.
By: by Angelena Boden